BMW’s 3-Series and 5-Series sports sedan have long been available with all-wheel drive. Now for 2010, the redesigned flagship 7-Series joins the maximum traction parade too.

The 750i and long-wheelbase 750Li are now equipped with an xDrive system adapted from the 3- and 5-Series. Adding 187 pounds to the curb weight, the system splits the twin-turbo V8’s 400 horsepower 40% front/60% rear under normal driving conditions.

While 100% power is available at either end when charging through corners, the multi-clutch plate center differential can direct up to 80% to the rear axle, helping the hefty 7 xDrive to dance around apexes like a much lighter rear driver. Even the 205-inch-long 750Li handles two size classes smaller than it actually is.

Dreaded all-wheel drive understeer is controlled by the 7’s already-present roll bars and “Performance Control”. This torque vectoring system applies light braking to the inside rear wheel, and more power to the outside, to help pivot the car around corners.

With the entire 7-series range having just been treated to a fresh, understated exterior, don’t expect xDrive models to stick out like sore thumbs.

xDrive badges on the sparse patches of brightwork are the best reminders.

And from inside the cabin, it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference. Leather and wood trim dress the airy, grandiose interior in typical BMW luxury.

Available in dealerships now, the 750i xDrive starts around $85,000, and the long-wheelbase 750Li xDrive just under $90,000.


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  • twin-turbo V8:
  • 400 horsepower:
  • Starts around $85,000: