As Pontiac takes its last breath, the American performance car brand reinforced its two-seat Solstice Roadster with a new coupe version. 

With a nod to old T-top Firebirds, the Solstice Coupe includes a removable, targa-like roof section. But it’s too big to fit through the hatch, or even slide behind the seats.  Fortunately, a make-do folding fabric panel is available.

Besides the top, physical changes to the Solstice are minimal.  Muscular shoulders and curvy lines remain. It just looks better with the fastback.

Coupe powertrains are the same as the roadster-a base 2.4-liter Ecotec I4, good for 173 horsepower.

Our GXP runs on a turbocharged direct-injected 2.0-liter with 260 horsepower.

Both engines fit manual and automatic transmissions.

Keeping the Solstice stuck to the ground is ABS, a limited-slip differential, and Stabilitrak, all of which are now standard across the line-up. Putting it through its paces, the extra body stiffness provided by the hardtop is clearly noticeable.

“The Solstice hardtop is just a great, fun-to-drive car.  It handles sharper than it looks and it quickly becomes more a tool of expression rather than just transportation.  It doesn’t hurt that it turns heads on every block, too.” – Ben Davis

The biggest change to the familiar Solstice cockpit is the bit more luggage space behind the seats.

The price, however, is tunnel-like rear vision. Backing up can be treacherous.

And if you want a Solstice Coupe, act quickly. Less than 1200 were made before the plant closed, so dealer stock is all that remains. Sticker prices start just under $27,000.



"The Vue Two-Mode Hybrid proves that power and efficiency can coexist, and in a modern crossover you can have them both without skimping on any ability." – Ben Davis


  • GXP 2.0-liter:
  • 260 horsepower:
  • Starting just under $27,000: