It’s hip…

It’s urban…

And it’s more fun than meets the eyes. 

If you weren’t looking at the screen, you might think we were talking about the latest Honda Civic. Obviously not the case here, but it is another Honda product: the Motocompacto.

This electric scooter isn’t made to be a commuter car replacement. Instead, it’s designed to be a first and final mile solution. Say you need to catch the train to work, but the nearest stop is a mile or so away. Bust out the ‘compacto, and off you go.  

Another example Honda gave us is for traversing college campuses. There, it should fit in nicely, as folded up it’s disguised as your average beer pong table. But fully deployed, you see the sober reality.

The whole package weighs around 40 pounds. A kickstand and foot pegs are situated down low. The rear wheel slides out from the body, and the seat stand folds upwards along with the handle bars. This is where the thumb-throttle, brake handle and all-important bell are located. Once expanded, a small storage space is accessible— perfect for small electronics like tablets.

Tech is respectably limited. Aside from the front-facing charge port and appropriate head and brake lights, the most you’ll find here is the small handle bar-mounted display showing speed, power and drive mode settings.

The Honda Motocompacto has 2 drives modes. The first one keeps things under 10 miles per hour, but the second one can go up to 15 miles per hour… and you can really have some fun.

The Motocompacto can travel 12 miles on a full charge, capable of carrying up to 265 lbs. And truth be told, it really is fun. 15 miles-per-hour feels just about right, though we wonder if Honda might consider a “Type R” variant capable of a little bit more.

Jokes aside, the Honda Motocompacto is a compelling choice for those in search of an e-scooter, retailing for $995. They can be purchased online, delivered to Honda and Acura dealerships starting now.