Volvo is looking to eliminate some of the financial strain of EV ownership with their new EX30. If we can spoil that now, the 2025 Volvo EX30 will start at $36,200 with destination.

And our destination was Barcelona, Spain, to see how this entry-EV stacks up.

It’s the smallest EV in Volvo’s lineup at 166.7-inches, about 8-inches shorter than the XC40. Under the rounded exterior is one of two powertrains; a 268 horsepower single rear motor setup or a 422 horsepower dual-motor design. The former gets up to 275 miles of range; the latter, 265 miles.

I’m now driving the single motor EX30, and I have to say, I’m really not noticing a huge difference in the powertrain. Yes, if you really accelerate this vehicle, you’ll notice that the dual motor is a little bit quicker. But for 99% of driving, there is almost no perceptible difference. So, if I didn’t need all-wheel drive, I’d take the 10 extra miles that the rear-wheel drive version gets.

They both use a 69 kilowatt-hour nickel manganese cobalt battery pack. The NMC design provides longer range and 153-kilowatt peak charging, allowing for a 10-80 percent top off in about 27 minutes.
There are three trims to choose from, but all models come with wireless Apple CarPlay, Adaptive Cruise Control and Volvo’s Safe Space Technology.

The 2025 Volvo EX30 will be made in China, so no federal tax credits apply and there is a hefty federal import tariff. However, the $36,000 starting price should still attract plenty of buyers when they arrive stateside early next year.