This is the 2025 Toyota Camry. It begins its ninth generation and we’re just back from a Quick Spin first drive in Southern California.

For its ninth act, the Camry is sporting a somewhat flashy new costume, adorned with aero treatments, sporty black trim, and dual exhaust tips for cars in the SE family, while the LE family keeps it classy and clean.
As we’ve seen in other recent Toyota products, it’s now an all-hybrid lineup for the Camry; but not to worry, hybrid is rarely synonymous with slow these days.

This is the fifth generation of Toyota’s two-motor Hybrid System, pairing e-power with a 2.5-liter I4 for 225 horsepower in front-wheel-drive and 232 horsepower in all-wheel-drive Camrys.

Replacing the last Camry’s mechanical all-wheel-drive system with a third electric motor for the rear axle means it’s now Toyota’s electronic on-demand setup, and it can be added to any Camry trim. It feels plenty powerful, plus gets a Combined Rating of up to 50 miles-per-gallon, just 1 mpg less than the front-wheel-drive’s 51-Combined.

There are many reasons why the Toyota Camry continues to be America’s best-selling sedan, and it’s also a big reason why some brands are no longer even in the sedan-making business.

BRIAN ROBINSON: “For me, the Camry has always been the most comfortable of the family sedans. The kind of comfort that makes me want to take an extended road trip maxing out fuel range between stops. It’s good to see that that hasn’t changed with this generation; the ride quality is as good as you’ll find in anything not labeled a luxury car, and this thing will definitely eat up some miles in comfort.”

Pricing starts around $29,000, with all-wheel drive a $1,525 option. 2025 Toyota Camrys are rolling off the assembly line now and should be arriving in dealerships this month.
And we’ll be back with more Quick Spins… soon!