Rolls-Royce is the undisputed heavyweight champion of on-road opulence. Now they’re blending their pinnacle of traditional automotive luxury, with the bliss of silent electric drive. This is the 2024 Spectre.

Under its charismatic looks is a potent dual-motor powertrain rated at 577 horsepower and 666 lb-ft of torque. Power is pulled from a 102-kWh battery pack, providing enough energy for 290 miles of decedent range.

While it does ride on the same platform as the Phantom sedan and Cullian SUV, the Spectre has actually emerged as a two-door coupe. What’s unsurprising is how that translates into ride quality, to which words like “comfortable” and “pleasant” do little justice. Still, aside from the quiet demeanor, it isn’t too far removed from the internal-combustion Rolls-Royce experience.

“Even though it’s electric, the Spectre is exactly what to expect from Rolls-Royce. Opulence, a striking physical presence, and an incredible driving experience. The steering is really precise and the way it distributes power upon acceleration is really refined, and incredibly smooth. Plus, it’s like you’re riding in a magic carpet.”

Getting into this Spectre super coupe, the 100-percent aluminum Effortless Doors totally live up to their name, closing automatically when the brake is depressed. And yes, the handcrafted interior is as suave as the outer suit; a bespoke cabin left to your imagination, topped by their trademark Starlight headliner. Inside and out, the 2024 Spectre is a machine Rolls-Royce founder Charles Rolls would no doubt be enamored by.

And that’s not just because of its striking looks; Charles Rolls imagined a world with cleaner, quieter cars over a century ago. And here it is… and with his name on it, no less.

Though, he may be equally awestruck by the sticker price of around $420,000; but perhaps he’d be eligible for an employee discount. In either case, the Spectre is an EV for top percenters, with those lucky few picking up their orders now.