There’s a lot of news surrounding GM’s expanding electric vehicle portfolio. And that includes Chevrolet where it’s going to be a big year for the electric Bowtie, starting with the Blazer EV SUV.

The Blazer name was revived a few years ago— not as an off-road contender, but as a two-row, midsize crossover for the urban sprawl. The Blazer EV may be related in both name and ethos, but that’s about where the similarities end.

The EV is built atop GM’s Ultium platform, making it lower, longer and wider than its internal-combustion sibling. Powertrain is left up to the trim, with front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive configurations. Our SoCal first drive had us in both RS models— steps above the entry LT, but not all the way at the top with the SS.

The all-wheel drive RS and LT models pack 288 horsepower and 333 lb-ft of torque, with up to 279 miles of range from the 85-kilowatt hour battery. Contrary to EV norms, the rear-wheel drive RS actually has more power, now 340 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. It’s linked up to a 102-kWh battery, good for 324 miles.

“The way that the all-wheel drive version is set up is that we have one large motor in the front and a smaller motor in the rear. So, the rear motor, its job is really to just assist when you need a little bit of extra traction. But for the most part, it feels like you’re driving a front-wheel drive car.”

The interior is appropriately “EV” thanks to the high-tech amenities without going overboard. Standard is an 11-inch digital instrument panel and a 17.7-inch infotainment touchscreen. GM has ditched Apple Carplay and Android Auto, but the built-in Google system is easy to operate. And while some tasks are done digitally, HVAC controls remain physical, much to our delight.

The 2024 Blazer EV starts just over $50,000 for an entry-level LT. Despite a bumpy launch due to a reported software glitch, LT and RS models can be seen at dealers now. SS trim follows later this year.

The more affordable Equinox EV SUV arrives soon, too, so stay tuned for that and more Quick Spins!