The Ford Mustang debuted in 1964 as a bit of an experiment, one that would prove wildly successful and used as a testbed for new ideas ever since.

Perhaps the most unique instance of that took place for 2021 with the Mustang Mach-E, an all-electric, sport utility shakeup. While it’s not quite time for a mid-cycle refresh, 2023 did bring some noteworthy changes to this EV pony.

For starters, all Mach-E’s receive Ford Co-Pilot360 driver assist technology as standard; and Ford’s BlueCruise hands-free driving suite is now available on all models.

Even better, EPA-range on Premium Extended Range all-wheel drive models is up 13 miles to 290 miles overall. Standard range models have also seen small bumps thanks to new lithium iron phosphate batteries, or LFPs, introduced on standard range Mach-E’s partway through the ’23 model year.

With these batteries, Standard Range all-wheel drive models are EPA-estimated up to 226 miles, up from 224 miles. Standard range rear-wheel drive models are now estimated at 250 miles, up from 247.

The LFPs can also charge a bit faster. On DC power, the 72.0-kWh pack can fill 10-to-80 percent in about 33 minutes, 5-minutes faster than before. The only downside is that these LFPs weigh a little more, slowing the RWD model’s 0-to-60 time by about half a second, now a still-speedy 6.3-seconds. The AWD keeps a near 5.0-second acceleration time thanks to greater peak power output, up 45 horsepower to 311 total.

Thanks to these batteries and increased EV production, Ford has slashed Mach-E pricing, with savings ranging between 1-and-4-thousand dollars. An entry-level Select Rear-Wheel Drive Standard Range Mach-E starts near the mid-40’s, including delivery but before any incentives. The Select all-wheel drive starts near $47,000 and Premium models start around $50,000. GT models, $60K.

With ramped up production, these steeds are showing no signs of stopping.

And neither are we, as we’ll have more Quick Spins…soon!