To those who thought the race to electrification meant the demise of the V12 supercar, Lamborghini defiantly says: “Not yet!” Successor to the Aventador and tracing it’s DNA back to the Iconic Countach, Revuelto is Lamborghini’s latest and greatest V12 super sportscar and their first high performance electrified vehicle.

We recently attended Revuelto’s dynamic launch at Italy’s Vallelunga circuit, and the adrenaline rush has finally worn off enough for us to give you all the details.

“In keeping with Lamborghini tradition, Revuelto is named for a famous fighting bull, but the word also translates to mixed, or revel…fitting for hybrid hypercar.”

Lamborghini was a pioneer in the use of carbon fiber for both body and structure, and Revuelto continues that trend with a carbon composite monofuselage chassis that is stiffer and lighter than the Aventador, and bodywork that is arrow sharp with active aerodynamics built in.

The spacecraft inspired cockpit has ample head and legroom, all the latest convenience and drivers assist features, and the choice of 70 trim colors to complement the 400 shades of water-based paint that are available for the outside.

A new 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 is the heard of this beast, augmented by three electric motors: one at each wheel up front and a third joined to the 8-speed dual clutch transmission at the rear of the car. A high performance lithium ion battery pack is housed in the car’s center tunnel.

“The naturally aspirated V12 is Lamborghini’s engine of choice, and this one is tremendous…850 horspower and a 9500 RPM redline. Lamborghini uses the hybrid system with two motors up front, and one in the rear, not so much to add more horsepower, but to add more torque. This is used for the all-wheel drive system as well as torque vectoring, which puts the power where it’s needed the most.”

Total horsepower is an astounding 1,001. The V12 alone puts down 534 foot-pounds of torque, while each front motor adds an additional 258. Rather than applying the brakes or cutting engine power, Lamborghini’s torque vectoring system instantly cycles each motor between power and regen modes to precisely modulate output to the wheels.

The electric motors handle reversing duties as well, driving the front or all four wheels, and also doubles as the engines’s starter and generator.

Staggered size 20 and 21 inch Bridgestone Potenza Sport tires glue it all to the pavement while massive carbon ceramic brakes, 16.1-inch rotors with 10-piston calipers up front, keep everything in check.

This is a superbly-engineered system, utilizing all the benefits of cutting edge electrification to maximize performance while retaining the passion and heritage of a traditional V12 layout.

What that translates to on the track is nothing short of remarkable.

“The car is very nimble, agile, light on its feet and drives much smaller than it actually is. Turn-in is crisp and responsive, no understeer to speak of, you don’t really feel the transitions when the electric motor kicks in to help the V12, it’s a very seamless operation, all aimed at getting maximum power to the road and going as fast as you can.”

Mind you, Revuelto is meant to be a grand touring street machine, yet around this track, it carries more speed that the Huracan STO. Zero to 60 sprints take less than 2.5 seconds, and top speed is north of 217 miles per hour. Amazing indeed.

The first two years of production are already sold out, so you’ll have plenty of time to search your pockets for the $604,000 price of admission.

We look forward to more quality time with the Revuelto, and will drive those impressions to you soon, right here at MotorWeek.