In most states you can’t get your driver’s license until you’re 16. But this week we’re turning “Your Drive” over to one Giuseppe Iatarola, A car crazy 11-year old who did his first online video when he was only 7!

GIUSEPPE IATAROLA: I help my dad out a lot in the repair shop, and I wanna show you a few things that every driver should know, starting off with oil. Right now, we’re currently good on oil, so I’ll wipe it and show you what the markings mean. This marking means that you’re good on oil, and then this marking right here means that you’re low on oil or you need to change it. So I’m gonna put it back in. Your user’s manual should tell you all the pecs on the oil; what’s the weight and how much to put.

If you’re on the side of the road with a flat tire and you need to change the tire, use a scissor jack. The scissor jack is only for emergency use only and you can find it in the trunk under the carpet. If you’re on soft ground, the scissor jack will sink, so you wanna mostly be on pavement. Now, there’s an arrow on this plastic part to show you where the jacking point is: right here. Now, you don’t wanna jack it from the plastic part. Otherwise it’ll just crumble and then you have a big repair to do. If you’re in the shop, use a floor jack; it can pick up more weight. And, if you’re in the shop, use a jack stand. The jack stand secures the car from falling and you getting injured.

It’s very important to see out of your car. When your blades are smudgy and blurry and you can’t really see good, here’s what you do. If you can’t change the blades right now, you get an alcohol pad— it’s a little trick. Wait until you see how much dirt you get off. Wipe it. Now, look how much dirt just came off. See?

And before I go, let’s talk about tire pressure. Now, you get your tire pressure gauge and you check it. Now, there’s a sticker in the door jam that tells you how much pounds you need. Right now we’re currently at 25 pounds and it’s supposed to be 32, so you need to add air.

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