Today’s cars run, ride and relax so much better, but it’s hard to beat classic styling. And that’s where restomodding comes into play. So let’s join Daniel Maffett as we fuse the past and present together in this week’s “Your Drive.”

DANIEL MAFFETT: Believe it or not, the two cars behind me are the same year, make and model. Theo ne over here is a concourse original 99-point car. It has all the original drive components, options, and it drives exactly like a car from 1955. The one on my left here is a restomod. A restomod is the best of the looks of an old car with all the modern technology in it.

At my shop, we always get the guy that comes in, who’s been success, he’s grown up, and he wants that classic car he wanted in high school. But he gets it and just finds out that it doesn’t drive like his brand new BMW or his Audi. The good thing is that the aftermarket world has us covered.

There are tons of options aftermarket to make your car drive like a modern muscle machine. The first thing we like to start with is something like this. This is an EFI system, an electronic fuel injection. If you’ve ever driven a carbureted motor you know they can be finnicky. They require tweaking and jetting and rebuilds to keep them optimized. This has jets all around the inside of these openings. It looks just like an original carburetor; you can get it in any color you want and it is power on the fly. Power on demand. As soon as you hit that gas pedal, it drives fuel down inside here—shoves it down the throat of your engine—so you can keep driving.

Now, once you have all that power going to the wheels, you’re going to need to be more stable. So you’re going to have to upgrade the suspension to something like a tubular suspension, maybe even a four-link in the rear or go all-out and do coilover suspensions. This is going to allow you to stay planted on the road and stable in turns. But, if you have bias ply tires like this on a four-link, it doesn’t matter what kind of power you have. So, you want to upgrade the wheels and tires to a modern compound tire that’s going to keep you on the road and out of the ditches. But, once you’re driving well and you look good, you sound good, you want to feel good, too. So, inside the cab you want to do vintage air system or a complete overhaul of the AC/heat system, so that you can stay comfortable inside while you’re cruising. Pick the products that fit your wants and needs and you’ll be riding in style.

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