The automotive aftermarket is a bustling business, paying off with the satisfaction of making our rides truly unique. On this week “Your Drive” Dan Maffett takes a deep dive into a vintage-inspired jeep concept now customized for duty.

DAN MAFFETT: Easter Jeep Safari in Moab draws thousands of enthusiasts to its slick rock trails, and every year, Jeep unveils several concept vehicles just like this one behind us that we’re lucky enough to have in the studio.

You may be wondering to yourself, what is a concept car? A concept car is a statement by the brand to signify where they’re going. They take the best technology and the best designers they have at their disposal and design a perfect vehicle.

Now, every project that comes through our shop has to have a theme. We sit with the customer, we draw out every idea they have, and we pick a concise theme from beginning to end, so that way when we’re done, we have a very complete project that works together. Now the theme of this project is unmistakable: It’s designed after the original and the iconic Willys Jeep. You can see it has these steely wheels, the half doors, the winch up front and even the ragtop on the top. Now, if you’re going to customize your project at your home, you’re going to need products to do so. Most manufacturers produce their own in-house products. Jeep has the JPP line. They have everything from modular doors and roofs like that, all the way down to winch accessories, suspension, interior kits. They even have reinforced hinges for the tailgate where your spare tire sits, so if you go up a bigger tire, you don’t have to worry about your door sagging. With that bigger tire, you’re going to need a third brake light relocator bracket just like this.

Now with any modification you do to your project, you’re going to want to take the time to plan it out, so you have a concise idea from beginning to end. Last thing you want to do is finish your project, look at it, and be scatter-brained and be all over the place.

Now remember, no matter what you do, you want to pick the products for your intended use. So, if you’re going to rock crawl, or just look cool driving to work, you want to pick the products that best benefit that drive. Any questions or comments, hit us up, right here, at MotorWeek.