Going to a mechanic is one thing, finding one that knows what they’re doing is another. Audra Fordin clues us in on what it tech to be certified in this week’s “Your Drive.”

AUDRA FORDIN: Finding a good auto repair shop with certified technicians is such a challenge these days, but with us today is Trish Serratore from ASE—Automotive Service Excellence—to talk to us about automotive service excellences. Trish, welcome back to MotorWeek!

TRISH SERRATORE: Great! It’s great to be here, Audra.

AUDRA FORDIN: I’m so happy to have you. Can you please tell us all about ASE?

TRISH SERRATORE: ASE is the industry’s and the country’s only third-party independent credential for the folks who fix our cars. And we certify technicians in auto, truck, collision; all kinds of areas, all across the country.

AUDRA FORDIN: What really makes such a difference for the people who are getting those certifications because it validates not only to the consumer, but to the shop that’s employing them that they really care about their profession. That they take such an interest in it. And they want that certification because there is no other industry certification that I know of— other than ASE.

TRISH SERRATORE: That’s right; employers want certified technicians because it shows that they have a commitment to A.) the technician and a professional career, and more importantly, as you just mentioned, to the car owner, because that technician is taking a hard, comprehensive test and shown two years of experience before they actually get that certification. And they retest every five years, so they maintain their certification and understanding the new technology in cars today.

AUDRA FORDIN: Sure. So, the person is getting a certification and then you have the schools that your overseeing that are getting the accreditation?

TRISH SERRATORE: Yes! So, ASE certifies the technician, and then through our ASE Education Foundation we accredit schools that teach the fundamentals of automotive service technology to students. They graduate and become our technicians of the future.

AUDRA FORDIN: And with the technology that is changing so fast— 0-60 — and there’s a million things that we need to know. So many new modules and computers out there. How is ASE handling new technology?

TRISH SERRATORE: Well, as I mentioned we have over 50-plus tests, but we’re coming out with new tests all the time. We have a new test for ADAS: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems; and we’re working on one for high-voltage vehicles and electric vehicles, so we’re trying to keep up with technology just like the technicians are.

AUDRA FORDIN: That’s fantastic. Thank you so much, Trish. Wonderful to talk to you. And if you have any questions or comments, reach out right here at MotorWeek!