Now, we’ve all heard about wiring gremlins that sneak into our cars and target their electronics; but, the truth is its usually just time and use that burns them out. But instead of buying all-new, our Logan McCombs has an up-fix solution to worn out chips and such in MotorWeek’s “Your Drive!”

LOGAN MCCOMBS: Electronics are used all throughout your vehicle, whether it’s an instrument cluster or a computer module. Every vehicle you see on the road has a gauge just like this; but, those gauges are vital to providing information for you, the driver, to see what’s going on with your vehicle. And sometimes they do have issues, and I have Ernest here from UpFix to tell us how we can overcome those issues.

ERNEST MARTYNYUK: Thanks for having me on the show and; so yeah, automotive electronics. They all work great when you drive off the lot, and over the years eventually they start to fail. And, yeah, we repair those, refurbish them, and send them back on their way so it can be working in good order.

LOGAN MCCOMBS: Okay. So, we know that every vehicle has gauges, but what about the modules when they have issues? What can we do about fixing that?

ERNEST MARTYNYUK: Yeah, it’s not just the instrument cluster that fails. All kinds of computer modules in a vehicle can fail. There’s lots of them, you know. You have the navigation with the touch, stops responding. The totally-integrated power module over here, uh, from the built-in soldered-in relays. And the transmission computer modules over here; if you’re having a hard shift, those computers tend to fail as well. We have ABS unit, electronic brake control module, and instrument clusters—they’re notorious for all kinds of different issues, so they’re very popular for repairs. And then, even navigations and touchscreen here as well. So, yeah, any kind of module, if it has issues, we can do a bench test, refurbish it, and send it on its way back to you.

LOGAN MCCOMBS: Okay, so, if I’m someone who has an older vehicle that I just picked up and I notice that my gauge cluster is not working or maybe my ABS module isn’t working, that’s something I can take out and send over to you guys to have it refurbished?

ERNEST MARTYNYUK: Precisely. If you find us online and you see that the issues you’re having is something that we can fix, definitely send it in for repairs and we’ll have it fixed for you.

LOGAN MCCOMBS: Okay. And not only just fixing, but you guys will also reprogram modules to make sure that they’re working just like OEM? So, like, maybe your ABS or your TCM?

ERNEST MARTYNYUK: Exactly. So, not every single unit is VIN encoded, um, but a lot of them are. And more newer vehicles have everything with immobilizers VIN encoded; so we can program any computer module, whether it’s an engine control or instrument cluster. ‘Cause if it is VIN encoded and you just replace it from a junkyard or somewhere else, then it may not even start. So– that’s very important– so we ask for, you know, documentation, information from the customer, make sure the VIN number is correct and we program it into the module, and it should be plug and play.

LOGAN MCCOMBS: Okay. Well, that’s awesome. And this wouldn’t just fall under just older things, but as things transition to digital, you guys can also help with that as well?

ERNEST MARTYNYUK: That’s right. If it’s got a circuit board, we can fix it.

LOGAN MCCOMBS: Wow, that’s a lot of great information. Thank you, Ernest.

ERNEST MARTYNYUK: It was my pleasure! Thanks for having me on the show.

LOGAN MCCOMBS: Absolutely. And if you have a question or comment, reach out to us right here at MotorWeek.