If you’re a long time MotorWeek viewer, you know that over the years we’ve tested a lot of SLP performance cars, and it all started with the Firehawk. We know that Mac Logan is a huge fan of that car, and he’s turned his passion into 200-plus pages, with the book SLP Firehawk – Fiercest of the Firebirds. It’s not only a complete history of how the Firehawk came to be, but you’ll get to know the folks who made it happen; as well as get a complete listing of every year of Firehawk production, including sales numbers. There are plenty of great pictures, and even an appendix that lists which SLP Firehawks have been featured on MotorWeek. If you share Mac’s devotion to Street Legal Performance, we highly recommend you pick up one of the 1,000 available copies of this very Must Read.