In America’s manufacturing landscape, it’s hard to think of a product that is more American than the Airstream camping trailer. Whether you’re an RVer or not, you’ll enjoy reading Patrick Foster’s book Airstream: America’s World Traveler about the history of this iconic brand. Foster is clearly an Airstream fan, and while that may come through a little too much over these pages; when reading them, you’ll certainly get the full history of how Airstream came to be, how it survived multiple economic downturns, and how it continues to thrive today as the oldest manufacturer of travel trailers in the U.S. Let’s face it, who hasn’t seen one of these silver trailers being towed down the road by a vehicle full of smiling people heading off for untold adventures, and thought maybe one day that could be you. Well even if you never make that happen, there’s plenty to enjoy in this picture-packed Must Read.